The soft facelift as its name suggests is a less extensive procedure than the traditional full facelift, implying faster recovery, less bruising and less scarring.

It is indicated in young or middle-aged patients whose wish is to counter the natural aging process, and to keep looking as young as they feel with the most natural result possible. It can be combined with liposuction in the neck area or blepharoplasty where necessary.


Length of Surgery:
Day case

Performed using local anesthesia plus anesthetic cream. This procedure is a day case and patients are able to go home afterwards.

What to expect immediately after the operation:
As the patient is awake during the procedure and only under local anesthetic, they are able to be involved in the final look. Ultimately, she/he will look into a mirror during the procedure and approve the achieved result prior to going home. Immediately after the procedure, there will some minimal swelling and bruising and regular Paracetamol is recommended to address this.


  • Recovery is immediate for this procedure however it is advised to take a few day’s rest. Time off of work is not essential.
  • It is recommended not to undertake strenuous activity or exercise for around 7 - 10 days post-procedure.
  • As the soft facelift is very uninvasive, there are no cuts involved. However some patients will experience some swelling and bunched-up skin at the site of any stitches. This will settle down in a couple of weeks and can be covered with make up.
  • Following the procedure, the patient will need to visit the surgeon for two check-ups. The first check-up will be after 1 week and the second after 3 weeks.

Possible Complications

  • Bruising, swelling, bunching of skin which may require massage.
  • On occasions a slight asymmetry may occur which can be corrected immediately.
  • If the patient is not happy with the results, the procedure is completely reversible.

The Soft Facelift is a non-excisional lift. During the procedure, simple and reversible suspension sutures are placed in the brow area and temporal areas with specially designed instruments to customise the face's various vectors in appropriate positions and harmonise the rest of the face with the help of Botox and Fillers. The result is a more youthful face. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and typically takes between 45-60mins.

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