Body And Breast Shaping Treatment In Karachi

Body and Breast Shaping In Karachi

Body shaping and sculpting is a complex aesthetic exercise that gives your body the shape and contour which it deserves. It combines a number of elements for example, Read More

if you are a young person who has put on a bit of fat and also has some skin conditions then your designed treatment could include surgical or non-surgical Fat Reduction combined with the use of skin toning with Endermologie and beauty treatments.

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For older people, it might include breast augmentation together with a facelift and further coupled with Endermologie to give the best results. In men similarly surgical or non-surgical Fat Reduction leading to the removal of ugly breast and back fat together with hair restoration or regeneration might be the best option. Read More

R5 consultations will agree with a treatment plan or package to get you where you want to and then perhaps design a program suited to your lifestyle to retain and maintain your beautiful new look.

Where there is a spectrum of possible non-surgical and surgical treatments R5 can offer you a solution where the non-surgical treatments will be employed and if due to lifestyle or metabolic resistance the effect is not satisfying then surgical solutions are offered at very little extra cost.

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