Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement In Karachi

There are many and varied reasons for seeking breast enhancement. Mothers may wish to rejuvenate their figures after childbirth or younger women may want to achieve a fuller bust. Breast enhancement may also mean repositioning the nipples or correcting unevenly shaped breasts. Read More

Whatever your personal circumstances and reasons for wanting breast enhancement surgery, Mr Jawad will provide you with confidential advice, ensure you have a realistic idea of the correct breast enhancement for you, and empower you to make the best decisions possible. You will be delighted with the results.

Background Information

Breast Enhancement: R5 Aesthetics provides this popular cosmetic surgery procedure, making it available to women who wish to improve the appearance and size of their breasts. Read More

An incision for placement of your implants can be made underneath your breast, just above the crease; around the lower edge of your areola (the pigmented skin surrounding your nipple); or in your armpit. A pocket is created for the implant either behind your breast tissue or behind the muscle between your breast and chest wall.

Mr Jawad will discuss with you the current evidence on which type of breast implant is best for you, and how long your breast implant is likely to last. A careful medical history will also be taken to ensure there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have a breast enhancement procedure. All risks will also be discussed with you. If you have experienced healing problems with any past surgical treatments or if you are prone to keloid (red, angry, raised) scars, Mr Jawad may not recommend breast enhancement for you or may caution you that scars could be very visible.

The Operation

Breast enhancement/augmentation is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. The surgery generally takes about ninety minutes. You should be able to return home soon after the surgery.
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Often patients go home in the afternoon following surgery in the morning, or they may require just a night’s stay in the clinic. Most patients find that they can return to work after a few days’ recuperation.


Length of Surgery 1 – 1.5 hours

Anaesthesia General anesthetic. The procedure is usually performed as a day case with a stay of approximately 4 – 6 hours. If the patient is from further afield, an overnight stay is advised. The procedure always performed in a hospital operating theatre. Read More

What to expect immediately after the operation Dressing over the wound, supportive bra or support dressing, slightly swollen breasts, pain and discomfort, altered nipple sensation.

Infrequent Complications Haematoma, wound breakdown, wound infection, altered nipple sensation and possibly permanent numbness, capsule formation, rippling, implant malposition. Please refer to the Department Of Health website on the use of Silicone Implants.


  • Shower or bathe the body after 48 hours, covering the wound site.
  • 5 – 10 days until socializing with friends & family and requiring analgesia.
  • 2 weeks until patient can return to work and perform normal social engagements including driving.
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  • 3-4 weeks until bruising and swelling settles. May take longer.
  • 6 weeks until patient can return to gym and perform strenuous activities.
  • 12 weeks until full settling of swelling and final shape & cup size.
  • Scarring will continue to improve for the next 12 months with very proactive scar management.

Post Surgery Advice

  • Use recommended painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed.
  • After a few days, any gauze dressings can be removed, but the healed wound must be supported with micropore tape. This tape can be changed daily after shower
  • Physical contact should be avoided for the first week or so as your breasts will be feeling very sensitive.
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  • Your surgeon will advise when to begin exercising and normal activities.
  • Contact your surgeon immediately if you notice any signs of infection or if you experience bleeding or a sudden increase in pain.
  • Keep full details of your implants: manufacturer, style and batch number.
  • To improve the healing of scars, patients should consider: Massage; moisturizing cream such as E45/Nivea; micropore tape across healed area; silicon gel or sheet (we recommend Kelocote Gel); supportive bra; no underwire bra for 3 months and healed area must be taped if underwire bra is to be worn for further 2 months.