Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are being used more and more to help reverse the changes associated with ageing. Because the goal is to return the dermis to its original youthful state, dermal fillers can give a more natural appearance than surgical facelifts. Read More

Dermal fillers are being used to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, raise scar depressions, enhance lips, and replace soft-tissue volume loss. They include collagen-based fillers such as Zyplast and Cosmoderm, hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Restylane and Hylaform, and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers such as Radiesse.

Further Information

Collagen is intended to smooth out, fill in and decrease wrinkles. Collagen will plump lips and define the edges of your lips. Collagen is also intended to fill in and reduce the depth of the nasolabial fold. It can also help to fill depressed, acne scars. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that provides support for various parts of the body including skin, tendons and ligaments. Read More

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in skin and works to trap water and maintain the intercellular space within the dermis. The effects of dermal fillers can last from 3 months to five years depending on the filler used, collagen lasts for the least amount of time whereas Restylane can provide results that last for up to 6 months.


Length of Surgery 30 – 60 minutes or longer

Anaesthesia This procedure can, in fact, be performed without any anaesthetic, although most patients tend to opt for a local anaesthetic. Read More

What to expect immediately after the operation Patients may experience minimal bruising and swelling immediately after the procedure, but generally, they will feel good.

Possible Complications are uncommon and not permanent.

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