Fareeha Safdar

Nutritionist Diabetic control

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Dr Fareeha Safdar

Nutritionist Diabetic control

Areas of interest & Services

2017 Diet and Metabolism Specialist Course.
2009 MSc Diabetes Module One: Nutritional Management in Diabetes completed
X-Pert ‘Train the Trainer’ Course, London, UK
Certificate in Diabetes Care, University of Warwick, London, UK
2006 Advanced Diploma Eating Disorders/Obesity, London, UK
Modules: Eating Disorders & Obesity in Childhood.
Practitioner skills for the management of obesity
Practitioner skills for Eating Disorder)
2006 Shape-Up Facilitators Training Course, University College London
2006 Obesity Training in Primary Care
2001 Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK
1989 MSc in Home Economics (food & nutrition), University of Punjab, Pakistan
1987 Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, University of Punjab, Pakistan
1983 Secondary school examinations, Sacred Heart School, Lahore Pakistan

UK Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) licensed Dietitian.
Registration no:DT08530
Member of British Dietetic Association UK. Registration no: 6848
UAE Ministry of Health Licensed Dietitian.
Member of UAE Nutrition Group.

2016-2019 Freelance Dietitian.UK
2012-2016 Specialist Diabetes/Bariatric Dietitian. Imperial College London
Diabetes Centre Abu Dhabi.
May2011-2012 Bariatric and General laparoscopyicsurgery Dietitian.
Somerfield Hospital and Nuffield Hospital UK.
Aug 2010 – 2012 Independent Registered Dietitian, West London Polyclinic, Feltham
Jun 2009 – Jan 2010 Specialist Diabetes/Renal Dietitian, Full time, Southend University Hospital, NHS, Southend, UK
Jun 2008 – May 2009 Dietitian, Part time, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey UK
Apr 2008 – Jun 2009 Operational Director, Part time, West London Polyclinic, Feltham, Middlesex, UK
Mar 2005 – May 2006 Honorary Dietitian, Part time, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital, UK
Feb 2002 – Jun 2002 Senior 1 Dietitian, Practice Dietitian at Herts & Essex Hospital, Epping P.C.T UK
Jun 1991 – Aug 1994 Clinical Dietitian, Full time, Ittefaq Hospital Lahore, Pakistan
1987-1989 Dietetic Internship, Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
1987 Student Dietitian. Sami’s Hospital Pakistan
  • Speaker in Doctors Training Course
  • Being Part of developing Insulin Pump Service at Imperial college London Diabetes centre
  • Participated in Developing Diabetes Educator Programme
  • Faculty and Speaker. Imperial Diabetes Educator course.
  • Developed pre and post Bariatric Diet Sheets, Pediatric exercise leaflet, Carb counting leaflet, How to Read Food Labels. Hypo glycaemia, and, and Post-Transplant dietary advice, Potassium leaflet
  • Involved in developing student Education Programme Booklet.
  • Developed a weight loss meal replacement diet
  • Written a thesis on the role of fatty acids in Cardiovascular diseases
  • Developed an educational program for Gestational Diabetes
  • Audit of Laparoscopic Banding in patients with Diabetes
  • Development of educational sessions for groups after Laparoscopic Banding
  • Project on Follow up Assessment of Laparoscopic Banding in prevention and remission of Diabetes.
  • Continuing Professional Education Certification of Attendance.3 rd American Society for Nutrition Middleast congress. Feb 19-21,2014
  • Clinical Research Symposium.
  • A to T on Obesity: Update on Aetiology and Treatment.
  • Diabetes Weekend Intensive Course.
  • A 2-DayTraining Sessions on Medtronic Diabetes Technology Therapy.
  • The Medtronic Carb Counting Workshop Abu Dhabi-UAE.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus Workshop.
  • Diet and Chronic Kidney Diseases Course
  • Advanced Diabetes Conference
  • Immunotherapy of Type1 Diabetes: How close are we to Clinical Practice.
  • Cardiovascular-A matter of drug class or a matter of molecule.
  • An integrated therapeutic approach for A1C Lowering and cardiovascular risk reduction in patients with Type2 Diabetes.
  • Masterclass: Eating Disorders and Obesity in Childhood.
  • Digestive Health: Tools in the RD’S toolbox.
  • Beyond the Label: Food Claims Impact on consumer Behavior.
  • Changing the Conversation: Culinary Techniques to meet the needs of a client’s diagnosis without sacrificing flavor for Diabetes and Heart Disease.
  • Food Evolution: A Discussion for Registered Dietitian.
  • Vitamin D: Its impact on the immune system, its role in auto immunity and its importance for specific auto immune Diseases.
  • Post Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery: Dietitian’s Important Role in Counselling and Educating Patient’s
  • Examining Popular Detox Diets – Learn about their Efficacy and Safety for Weight loss, Their Components and Potential Adverse Effects.
  • Beauty and Nutrition—Evidence Based Dietary Practices Can Help Patients Look and Feel Their Best.
  • The Latest Research on Low Carb Diets.
  • The Role of Flax In your Diet. Its Nutritional Content and Potential to Help Prevent and Manage Various Medical Conditions.
  • Plant – Forward family Meals.
  • The Mediterranean Diet and Beyond Lifestyle lessons from Europe’s Healthiest Countries.
  • Goal Diggers -Helping People Change Habits with Positivity and a Non-Diet Values Driven Approach.
  • Modern Day Human Magnesium Requirements: The RD’S Role.
  • Dietary Influence on Human Gastrointestinal Microbiota.
  • Milk Protein and Human Health: A1 versus A2 Beta -casein.
  • The Mediterranean Diet.
  • Dietary and nutritional aspects of weight management.
  • Dietary management of General and complicated Diabetes
  • Obesity and Bariatric surgery