MS Ahlaam Ali

Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant

R5 Aesthetics MS Ahlaam Ali

Ahlaam Ali

Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant, Life Coach
Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP & EFT Practitioner
(CHDip) (H.I. Dip Advance Nutrition)
Accredited member ACCPH (Association of
Coaches, Counselors, Psychotherapists and

About Ahlaam Ali

Ahlaam Ali is a published author and a certified Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant, as well as a Hypnotherapist practicing in the UAE and Internationally.

Ali works holistically with her members to create a holistic plan to empower them with physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Ali works with various specialists ranging from orthopaedic surgeons to endocrinologists, to design wellbeing programs based on her members’ medical
history, lifestyle, activity levels, food preferences and food intolerances.

With globesity and mental health being a very pertinent issue across the world as well as closer to home, Ahlaam Ali was inspired to create an award winning life changing Holistic weight loss and fitness program – Powwer™ Living.

The results of Ahlaam Ali’s programs have been outstanding and have contributed significantly towards her winning the Middle East Business Achievement Award from amongst 250 companies across the Middle East.

Ali regularly writes Health & Wellbeing features for specific newspapers and magazines, addressing the most pertinent issues experienced in this time of
increasing Lifestyle illnesses!

Ali’s programmes have won the following Awards:

1. Middle East Business Achievement Award 2009
2. Lloyds TSB Small Business 2007
3. Women of Excellence 2006

Ahlaam’s Vision

This vision has enabled us to create customer centric programs that we can confidently say are not being offered by anybody else in the UAE or globally.

Ali’s expertise and knowledge is recorded in the Hotties Handbook has been well received and well read and addresses health and wellbeing from a different angle. Weight loss is not always what you eat, but many other factors play an important role:

  • Mental wellbeing – stress levels
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Surroundings

How Ahlaam can help you lose weight

The way Ahlaam works is that she will conduct an initial consultation with you to assess your needs and how much weight you need to lose.

Ahlaam will conduct an in-depth questionnaire with you to understand your lifestyle and food preferences and then design a plan specifically for you.

1. The plan works around your lifestyle and food preferences
2. Work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals
3. Weekly consultations to keep you on track
4. Assess your progress every week and fine tune the meal plan
5. Give you a workout plan to help you achieve your goals

If you would like to make an appointment, you can contact Ahlaam on:
Whatsapp: +971559500094

You can check out Ahlaam’s philosophy and her tips for weight loss on:
Youtube: ahlaamali
Instagram: ahlaamalitransformation

Consultation charges: USD 50

Weight Loss programs:
10 kg in 10 weeks USD 620
20 kg in 20 weeks USD 1000
30 kg in 30 weeks USD 1500