Non Surgical Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction

Fat is a major health problem for everyone. Even thin and well-built people have troubling and ugly fat deposits. Belly fat is also associated with an increased incidence of heart disease, particularly in Asian men. Read More

We believe that fat reduction at an early stage makes you look great and also promises long term health. Hours spent in the Gym are also at times unable to remove such deposits.

Further Information

R5 offers a complete suite of non-invasive and invasive solutions to fat reduction. At R5 we are not only plastic surgeons who believe that the best route is only liposuction or surgery. Read More

As part of our non-invasive suite, We offer a state of the art technology non-surgical package which includes cryo lipolysis, endermologie and an easy to adhere lifestyle plan. In most cases, this plan gets rid of fat in a safe and gradual manner without the need for any surgical procedure. Of course, if nothing works we have the cost-effective route to designing the best surgical options for you.