Endermologie® Is The Non-Invasive Slimming Technique That Reactivates Your Body’s Fat Release Process To Erase Localized Fat And Imperfections, it is a method that is used to Read More

Mechanically stimulate cells in the body to obtain various medical results including fat reduction, anti-ageing and body/face sculpting. It is used by R5 consultants in a variety of procedures including scar removal and improving skin tone texture and feel.

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We use state of the art LPG branded Endermologie machines for the first time in Pakistan. endermologie treats different target tissues and has a wide variety of uses. These machines act through Meccano Stimulation reactivates cellular activity by mechanically stimulating your skin using a pleasant and non-aggressive technique.
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The treatment is performed by a professional using LPG devices under medical supervision but has no worrying side-effects. endermologie can be used to treat different skin areas with a very wide range of applications. It targets cellulite on the arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.


MÉCANO-STIMULATION* is an action principle that is recognized and proven by the scientific community. Mechanical stimulation on the surface of the skin sends a signal deep down to the cells (example: fat cells and fibroblasts) Read More

To provoke a physiological response (example: activation of collagen, production of fat destroying acids from the cells and elastin production) which can tighten tone skin or muscle and cause the destruction of fat cells.

Usage of Endermologie Technique

Celulite reduction Young and old, underweight and overweight, all women are subject to cellulite and the problem only becomes worse with time.

Facial tightening and toning Face Endermologie is a real and natural facelift. It is a gentle relaxing treatment for the face that produces spectacular results from session one.
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Wellness and detoxification Wellness is so important in today’s world where our bodies are constantly subjected to a variety of aggressors. When the body is in balance, there is a minimum of wastes and they are removed as they form, carried away by the lymph to be filtered and eliminated.

Body contouring Endermologie Body Contouring treatment is the ultimate advancement in a healthy approach to body shaping. It is the most recommended non-invasive treatment for effective skin reconditioning and body sculpting that requires no surgery or any chemical stimulation. The treatments can reshape your figure precisely and in localized areas. Volume is balanced to restore the body’s ideal shape. The results: contours and curves are reshaped, and your figure becomes smoother, softer and firmer.