High Intensity Focused Ultrasound


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), Work with R5 Aesthetics to ablate subcutaneous adipose tissue by HIFU. It is One-Off Non-Surgical Treatment which achieves tighten firmer and lifted skin. Have a perfect facelift without surgery

Mechanism of Action

Works by ablating subcutaneous adipose tissue and causing molecular vibrations that increase the temperature of local tissue and induce rapid cell death of Fat cells in the affected area of treatment.

The Local temperature of subcutaneous fat quickly reaches 56°C, resulting in coagulative necrosis of the Fat cells and subsequent reduction of the fat layer. At high frequencies (2 MHz), ultrasound energy is highly convergent, such that tissue damage is confined to a small focal volume.

After the treated adipose tissue has been thermally coagulated and destroyed, ​chemical ​signals activate the body’s normal inflammatory response mechanisms. engulf and transport the ​​dead fat cells ​and debris. The lipids released from disrupted adipose tissue are ultimately metabolised ​in Liver and eliminated​. The healing progressed normally and was 95% complete after 8-14 weeks. ​No increase in serum cholesterol and total lipids in circulation.

Adverse Temporary Effects: Discomfort​, ​Edema, Erythema​, Dysesthesia​,​ (an unpleasant feeling)​, ​Ecchymosis. There were no serious device-related adverse events.